Igor Semshov: In the field about the birthday forget

Igor Semshov: In the field about the birthday forgetThe birthday boy was standing in a dense ring of excited fans, clutching a bouquet of carnations and a gift - a huge plush cow black and white colouring. Answered questions quietly, in monosyllables, as if apologizing for not the best game "torpedo" in the match with the team, someone classified as outsiders, but not wishing to confirm the unenviable status of a willingness to give away points. Gifts, however, Igor on this day were wearing royally impressive crimson-purple lump over his right eye, pain in the legs - the result of increased interest defenders and a yellow card from Kaluga judges Vlasov, whose interpretation of the simulation with samlowski, as it turned out, strongly disagree.- Yeah I never asked for his penalty! - Semshov was annoyed. - There was no violation, just don't stay on his feet. Again the referee gives a yellow for anything. A year ago, with the "Uralanom" when I unceremoniously pushed out from the wall, tried to draw his attention to what is happening and got a warning.- I wonder what was your dialogue with the judge this time?- Told him something to the press. Читать полностью -->

Chornomorets vs CSKA: match stats

Chornomorets vs CSKA: match statsChernomorets - CSKA 0:1 Goal: Gogniev, harmonies: Levitsky, Varlamov, Gordeuk, Ivanov, Techwise, Circassian, Ayupov, presedo (Fabio Costa, 75), Ricardo Bovio (Garin, 86), kamoltsev, Terekhin (Piuk, 44)CSKA:], A. Berezutski, Shershun, Evsikov, ЕЎemberas, Solomatin (Gogniev, 18), rahimiД‡, Laysan (Kusov, 66), Jarosik, Semak, Popov (Kirichenko, 49)Warning: Varlamov, 10; Cherkes, 49 - Gogniev, 24; rahimiД‡, 30; Laysan, 37; ЕЎemberas, 43;], 90 udalenie: Gogniev, 85 (second warning)Judge: N. Ivanov (St. Petersburg)Novorossiysk. Central stadium. 12 500 spectators. Читать полностью -->

Beckenbauer threatens to resign

Beckenbauer threatens to resignThe legend of German football Franz Beckenbauer has accused FIFA that the governing body of this organization is only interested in making a profit from the sale prohibitively expensive tickets for the matches of the world Cup. The head of the organizing Committee of the world championship-2006 made it clear that he is ready to resign from his post if his voice will not be heard. "They are only interested in money. We don't want to be responsible for something that does not depend on us," said Kaiser Franz.. . . Читать полностью -->

Ferguson: No doubt man UTD will be the champion

Ferguson: No doubt man UTD will be the championCoach Manchester United Manager Alex Ferguson said that he did not doubt in the team's victory in the Premier League."Never doubted that my players can do that, " said the most successful coach in the history of English football. - Too long I know these people, and had the time to learn them. However, after the game against Manchester city I flashed the thought that they ran out of motivation. Because my players very wealthy people who won enough tournaments. The biggest achievement was that we managed to overcome these problems. In the beginning of the season, we had a very hard due to the large number of injured. Читать полностью -->

Swearing the Former will not help

Swearing the Former will not helpThe advantage of CSKA from the nearest pursuer - Dynamo Moscow before the 8th round is five points. Start of championship of Russia demonstrated that rivals CSKA in the current championship is not, of course, if the team Valery Gazzaev will continue to destroy each of the opponents of the power of their Grenadier attacks. However, in Ramenskoe, where CSKA will play in the Victory Day, hardly ready to accept the superiority of the "red-blue". Ward Vitaly Shevchenko quite capable of not to waver in the fight with the army, especially in the selection of players Saturn, practically, is not inferior to CSKA.Deserves attention and a meeting between the Dynamo and Zenit, which will be broadcast on 9 may at 16.00 live TV channel "Russia". "Blue and white" for itself, a few days ago, when scored five goals against "Uralan". And now in his field the fans expect from them no less impressive feats.Zenit in Moscow this season are successful, the players of city of Petra already beaten Lokomotiv and has got a point in the match against Spartak. Читать полностью -->

Rump became the sponsor of the Dynamo

Rump became the sponsor of the DynamoShopping center "crust" has become the official sponsor of FC "Dinamo-Moscow, the press service of the club. In addition to advertise its brand in the stadium during home games of the club, the famous "crust" is going to arrange prize draws in between the halves, to give gifts to the best players of the match, and organize concerts of famous Russian musicians and groups for Dynamo fans.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Ignashevich will move to Germany

Ignashevich will move to GermanyThe defender of "Locomotive" Sergei Ignashevich July 1, flies to Germany where it will undergo a medical examination, according to "Soviet sport". To contact the German doctors player made an inflammation of the adductor muscles of the thigh, because he missed the last first round match with Rubin Kazan. In Germany Ignashevich will undergo a two-day examination, after which German doctors will give you recommendations on the methodology and timing of treatment.Meanwhile, the sports Director of "Locomotive" Boris Ignatiev refuted in the Moldovan press information about the interest of the leadership of the champion of Russia to Nigerian defender of "Sheriff" Chidi Odia.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Spikelets compared defeat in Georgia with games 2002 world Cup

Spikelets compared defeat in Georgia with games 2002 world CupAfter the match the mood in the camps two teams met was diametrically opposite.Vyacheslav Koloskov, the President of the RFU:? It's a shame? That's an understatement. I have such a bitter condition was not long ago. Years, probably, ten - of Course, the world Cup in Japan was just the same. But then we played in the final round, but here in the qualifying tournament playable, it is Doubly hard due to the fact that the match took place on the eve of Victory Day. I take this Holy feast and I think that the week before so glorious date we had no right to play. We will understand...? What can you say about the Georgian national team?? I am a well-organized team have not seen. Читать полностью -->

Smertin is deprived of a better partner

Smertin is deprived of a better partnerStriker Bordeaux Pauleta has declared that he will leave the team during the summer transfer window. According to the Portuguese, his ambition involve much more than a participation in the UEFA Cup. Therefore, despite the love for the club and the fans, all parties will be better if he goes to another club.That its services are interested in many teams, no doubt. In France a claim on him two powerhouse Lyon and Marseille. But the variant that the striker will travel to Portugal, where his welcome Benfica and Porto, according to Soccerage.If Bordeaux is no way to keep the Paulette, it will be possible to state that Alexei Smertin will lose one of the best partners I've never heard of this season was the second scorer of the French League, scoring 23 of 57 goals for his team.. . Читать полностью -->

Asatiani will not play against Spartak

Asatiani will not play against SpartakStriker "Loco" Malkhaz Asatiani will not be able to play against Spartak Moscow in the next round of the Premier League. On 11 January a meeting of the national team of Georgia, after which invoked to protect Malkhaz, with Ireland, the press service of the railroad. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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