Arsene Wenger about the title race

Arsene Wenger about the title raceThe coach of Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger was delighted with the game, which was shown by his players in the match with the important block" Saturday."It seems that both teams (Arsenal and Manchester United need to win all the matches. After meeting with "Manchester United" I talked about the fact that the game was led by our opponents, but today we did. I can say that the champion will be the one who will not make mistakes in the remaining rounds. The game with the important block" was very difficult, our opponents defended well, and we needed to keep your nerves under control, to be patient and strict in the organization of the game. Many fans were worried that we could lose, but, in my opinion, we have demonstrated faith in themselves. Thierry Henry scored a fantastic goal, and the Sylvain Wiltord scored again in a big match. Читать полностью -->

Soccer rules: how well do you know them?

Soccer rules: how well do you know them?During the match, not once have any disputes, when the judge needs to make a decision in just one or two seconds. Saves only a thorough knowledge of the rules. We offer you to feel like a referee and answer the following 8 questions.1. The player who received the authorization of a judge, dismissed, and while he is out, the ball gets to him, which he sends to the opponents. What actions should be taken by the judge?(a) to award the goal.b) to award the goal. The player to issue a warning for unsportsmanlike conduct.b) the Player to issue a warning for unsportsmanlike conduct. Читать полностью -->

Ortega fined by 9.5 million euros

Ortega fined by 9.5 million eurosFIFA fined the Argentine Ariel Ortega 9.5 million euros and disqualified him for one season, according to soccerage. This penalty is imposed on a midfielder for termination of contract with fenerbahГ§e. Ortega joined Turkish club before the start of last season, but has played less than 20 games and went to Argentina, saying that does not find understanding with team-mates. So as not to create a precedent, FIFA has decided to impose on the Argentinian such a serious fine.. . . Читать полностью -->

Aloisio Alves: If Lazio scored he would have had a chance

Aloisio Alves: If Lazio scored he would have had a chanceAfter the semi-final of the UEFA Cup match between Lazio and FC Porto at the Stadio Olimpico" ended in a goalless draw, the assistant coach of the Portuguese team Aloisio Alves has denied all the rumors regarding what this match was a mere formality for Porto, as the ticket to the final of the competition they have already been provided. Recall that the first match ended with the score 4-1 in favor of Porto."Of course, the result of the first match was very important, but it was not decisive. He just kept Lazio under some pressure, although if they scored at least one goal, that would give them a boost," said Alves."Penalty in our gate and removing our forward the elder Postage in the first half, could complicate the situation, but nothing happened. Now our goal is to win the UEFA Cup, although we have to work very hard", said Alves.. . . Читать полностью -->

UEFA is investigating the incidents during the match Georgia-Ireland

UEFA is investigating the incidents during the match Georgia-IrelandSunday UEFA said it is investigating the incident during the match Georgia-Ireland, when from the stands to the field flew different items, including a pocket knife that had fallen near the Ireland midfielder Kevin Kilbane during the match in Tbilisi. In addition, the field was flying bottles and other items."UEFA will start a disciplinary investigation of the events that occurred during the match Georgia-Ireland", - said a spokesman for UEFA Mike Lee."We have studied the report of the arbitrator, in which, in particular, mentioned the incident with a penknife. We will present this issue to our disciplinary authority, who will decide," added Lee.The President of the Football Association of Ireland Milo Corcoran expressed his happiness due to the fact that this issue is dealt with by UEFA."There is an independent observer, who is investigating the incident with UEFA. We will leave this issue at their decision."". . . Читать полностью -->

Capello said the beautiful game of mentally

Capello said the beautiful game of mentallyDraw a victory. How you can describe Sunday's result of the match between inter and Roma. Because few people believed that will be able to play 2 goals in 10 minutes. That said, head coach of "red-yellow" Fabio Capello:"Psychologically, this draw is very important for us in this scenario of the match at San Siro. Of course, I was hoping to win. I was pleased with the dedication, character and morale of the guys who fought until the end. Читать полностью -->

Storm lures away Chernysheva

Storm lures away ChernyshevaThe head coach of the youth national team of Russia Andrey Chernyshov received a proposal from the beginning of the new Austrian season to lead Sturm Graz. In late April, the leaders of the club are going to come to Moscow.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Ridsdel sold all shares of Leeds

Ridsdel sold all shares of LeedsThe former Chairman of Leeds United" Peter Ridsdale, who retired recently retired, sold on the London stock exchange of its shares of the club. From now on, "Leeds" and Ridsdale nothing binds.Peter Ridsdale kept his word and broke up with belonging to him the shares of the club. Who bought this package is not disclosed, however, the new Chairman of Leeds Professor John Mackenzie assured that the securities in safe hands. In addition, the Professor believes that the financial crisis that emerged at the club, will soon be overcome. The club does not intend to part with the leading players of the club - Robinson, App, Viduka, Smith. Mackenzie believes that Leeds United will be able to return tracenine position in English football.Ridsdale, who expressed gratitude for many years of service to the club, want to move from Leeds to London.. Читать полностью -->

Khlestov Katic and started training

Khlestov Katic and started trainingMiro Katic and Dmitri Khlestov already started training. In defense of "torpedo-metallurg" was the recurrence of an old injury. After a full medical examination revealed that the injury Khlestov not threatened. As for Miro Katic, the midfielder had problems with his back. However, now he's okay and he's already had two practice sessions with the team.But, unfortunately, without loss could not have done. Cold Oleg Karnaukhov and was forced to miss yesterday's workout. Читать полностью -->

The Ireland national team for the match against Norway

The Ireland national team for the match against NorwayBefore the friendly game with the Norwegians, scheduled for April 30, Republic of Ireland Manager Brian Kerr was called to the team attacking the "Bohemian" Glen Crowe.25-year-old Crowe made his debut in the main team of the country in November last year, when Ireland played a goalless draw with the team of Greece. However, in December striker underwent surgery, and since then he's under the banner of the national team recruited. Crowe missed the decisive fights "Bohemians" for the League title last season and two qualifying matches of Euro 2004 against Georgia and Albania.Now he regained his good form last week his goal brought "Bohemian" victory over the "Dublin" in the opening match of the season. Crowe was already beginning Kerr in 1997 in the youth team Ireland he received the bronze medal of the world championship in Malaysia.Two rookies in the team: Alan Lee from Rotherham town" and Alan Quinn from "Sheffield Wednesday". Clinton Morrison, Steven Reid and Jason Macateer will not participate in the match due to injury. But the duet from "Leeds" - Ian HART and Gary Kelly is recovering from health problems and is ready to play. Читать полностью -->

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