On the Locomotive change the field

On the Locomotive change the fieldThe transfer of the match with "Wings" in Samara gave an opportunity to the workers stadium in Cherkizovo together with Polish specialists to replace the long-suffering new lawn - Dutch production. By yesterday evening it was laying almost completed, and the President of "Loco" Valery Filatov expressed confidence that on may 25, when on a visit to the railroad will come "Rostov", the field will be ready.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The chances of Rostov-on-medals - 48 percent

The chances of Rostov-on-medals - 48 percent"Growth" remains the only club in the season 2003, not injured a single defeat. But all this is already the 22nd case in Russian Championships when the team hasn't lost in the first 6 rounds. Most of these clubs have been Champions (5 times), in four cases was ranked either 2nd or 4th place. All winners they became 10 times out of 21 (47.6 per cent).However, a good start is no guarantee of high total places: "Alania"-98 and "Falcon"-01 finished only eighth, and "Chernomorets"-98 showed the worst result - 10th place.On the other hand, only 5 previous Championships (1993, 1995 - 1997 and 1999) after 6 matches only one team was left with zero defeats" and "Rotor" in 1997 became the second. In other cases, "Dynamo" (three times) and "textile worker" was ranked the 4th or 5th place.All clubs not a loser in 6 start matchsticksupport*ART-1111-hot N-176-EXL-184-sat-5111-env M-292-env M-2184-env M-4124-eat-2142-eat-6124-are-3148-Mar-5810-env M-5165-art-3161-hot M-0162-Mar-0126-art-2141-sea-4163-ELA SOVETOV-1165-all-3168-hot M-1161-ESA-4162-eat-312?Pavel OSIPOV. . Читать полностью -->

Michael Schumacher extended his contract with Ferrari

Michael Schumacher extended his contract with FerrariMichael Schumacher extended his contract with the team Ferrari until 2006. Thus, the reigning world champion has denied recent rumors about retirement. In addition to Michael new agreements with Italian stable signed Jean Todt, Ross brown, Paulo Martinelli, Rory Byrne and Giles Simon, reports AP.. . . . Читать полностью -->

The first division. the 2nd round. Details

The first division. the 2nd round. DetailsTom (Tomsk) - Dinamo St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg) - 0:0.Tom: Zhidkov, podonok, Rechtin, Familial (Isichenko, 62), Pavlakovic, Kundalini (Wisniewski, 58), clowns, S. Skoblikov, Studzinski, front (K) (Outlaw, 70), shebalev (Savchuk, 46).Dinamo St. Читать полностью -->

Euro 2004. Estonia - Andorra: after the match

Euro 2004. Estonia - Andorra: after the matchBeautiful goal defender Teeth of Allas helped Estonia to defeat the team of Andorra with the score 2:0 and up to second place in the 8th qualifying group.In April, the Estonians won Andorra away with the same account and were eager to confirm your class and in Tallinn - the more that Arno Pijpers put the game strongest team. In the composition of the Andorrans reappeared brothers Lima - defender Antonio and midfielder Ildefons, and Jose Ayala missed this game due to suspension.Estonians powerfully started the meeting, and in the 23rd minute, Allas put the home side ahead. The Keeper of Andorra, Koldo Alvarez poorly executed free kick at the gate, Alas intercepted the ball and immediately - from the mid-field - cast it in "the collar" of the goalkeeper.Ten minutes later, Kristen Vaikmae doubled the score, pushing the ball into the net in the confusion after the corner the guests at the gate. In the second half, consisting of the Andorrans came forward mark Puyol, and the work of the Estonian goalkeeper March Poom increased. Soon, however, the hosts again took the reins of the game in their hands and brought it to victory. Читать полностью -->

The Georgian football Federation fined

The Georgian football Federation finedThe Georgian football Federation will have to pay a fine because of incidents at the National stadium in Tbilisi on 29 March, during a meeting of the national teams of Georgia and Ireland in the qualifying tournament of Euro 2004.Penalties applied due to the behavior of fans during the game in the player's team Ireland Kevin Kilbane got thrown from the stands penknife with an open blade. In addition, fans pelted the field of plastic bottles.According to the head of the press service of the Federation Mamuka Kvaratskhelia, the exact amount of the fine that will be imposed on the Georgian football Federation, is still unknown. The approximate amount of the penalty will be 5 thousand Swiss francs, although it may exceed this amount.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Schalke joined the fight for the Alpay

Schalke joined the fight for the AlpayTurkish defender "Aston Villa" Alpay attracted the attention of management "Schalke 04". Apparently, he has already played his last match in the team since last week, harshly criticized the work of coach Graham Taylor.In addition to Schalke by Alpay also interested in Borussia Dortmund and "Blackburn", which in January was about to buy a Alpay."Schalke will hope that before the summer, when the transfer window, the cost of a Turkish defender will not increase.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Ruby - aralan: match stats

Ruby - aralan: match statsRuby - aralan 0:0 Rubin: Kozko, Scotty, Sinev, Nowotny, Samarani (Fedorov, 82), ДЌГ­Еѕek (Castro, 65), Sibaya, Konovalov, Boyarintsev, Nechaev, chalaza (Roni, 46)Uralan: Filimonov, Kuzmin, Marcio, Gerashchenko, Semochko, Kolodin, Adzhindzhal, Passoni, side, Lopez (Lovchev, 65), Ospeshinski Warning: Sibaya, 90 - Adzhindzhal, 10; Gerashchenko, 40; Lopez, 64; Semochko, budha: kolobaev (Moscow, Russia)Kazan. Central stadium. 10 000 spectators. . . . Читать полностью -->

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