Russia can only afford a single misfire

Russia can only afford a single misfireDespondent after the defeat of the Russian team in Shkodra was replaced by hopes for a successful outcome of the qualifying campaign. Two zero draws in Tbilisi Tirana and returned to our team the status of a potential leader of the group. If April 30, she will achieve victory moved in since last October against Georgians, to intermediate finish - and this game will conclude the first round of the tournament will come first.However, the second half of the qualifying round is going to be very difficult. Our main rivals, in my opinion, still are Switzerland and Ireland, although the latter still and ranks fourth in the group. But with the Albanians-team of Brian Kerr will be swapped soon. Just the Irish ahead of three consecutive games at home, and Albania - as many on the road.Three of the four remaining matches will spend at home and the Swiss that while going undefeated. Читать полностью -->

The German Championship. Leverkusen have won a major victory

The German Championship. Leverkusen have won a major victory0:1 Brinkmann, 34 pins.; 1:1 Lucio, 38; 2:1 Lucio, 69; 3:1 Ballets, 71 0:1 Varela, 17; 1:1 Ordered, 66; 2:1 Arvidsson, 77; 3:1 Rydlewicz, 84 pins.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The German Championship. Bayer-04 remains in the elite

The German Championship. Bayer-04 remains in the elite0:1 Casey, 85 1:0 Rosicky, 25; 1:1 Growth, 75 1:0 Kludge 61; 2:0 Scuba, 74; 3:0 Scuba, 76; 3:1 Corzines, 84 the goal; 4:1 Forssell, 90 1:0 Cardoso, 45; 2:0 Romeo, 53 1:0 Rafael, 45; 2:0 Rafael, 84 0:1 Freyer, 1; 1:1 Stranzl, 37; 1:2 Hashemian, 64; 1:3 Christiansen, 73; 2:3 Max, 78; 2:4 Flight, 89 0:1 Basturk, 36 1:0 Kampf, 38 1:0 Kurani, 12; 2:0 Balakov, 23 pen.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The UEFA Cup. Lazio - Port

The UEFA Cup. Lazio - PortTo the club of Rome, sensationally big losers in the Port, had to fight tonight, not only with the enemy but with a stubborn football history.The fact that no Italian team before this match was not possible to eliminate the deficit to three goals after the first match. Four (AC Milan in 1964 and 1976, "Roma" in 1966 and "Napoli" in 1975) representatives of the Apennines got into this situation, and every time they had to surrender.However, the Romans had not even thought about that in advance to give up. "We must not allow the Portuguese to breathe, ? said ahead of the match, the defender of "Lazio" Sinisa Mihajlovic. And then we score as you want. If only the audience came to the stadium". Читать полностью -->

Ancelotti: now is the time to party

Ancelotti: now is the time to partyCoach 'Milan' Carlo Ancelotti became on Wednesday the fourth man in the history of football, which won a major European trophy as a player and as a coach. Speaking for the 'Milan' he won in 1989 and 1990, the Champions Cup.'We have to learn to live and work in conditions of constant criticism," said Ancelotti after the Champions League final. - Not everyone is capable of it. Very happy that we won. Generally, in Milan I feel at home. Dreamed of as quickly as possible to win with 'Milan' Champions League'.To a question about his actions, if any of the giants offered him the head coach, Lippi replied with a smile: 'I work in 'Milan' and proud of our achievements. Читать полностью -->

How do you respond to Chileans card

How do you respond to Chileans cardA funny incident occurred on Wednesday in one of the matches of the championship of Chile. The team of the second division "Deportes La Serena" Rodrigo hostpital was awarded a yellow card. The player reacted to yellow inadequate: he snatched the card from the judge and tore it up. Following this, he was banished from the field, later getting chetyrehmatchevaya disqualification. The act Rodrigo explained that she felt "helpless in the face of blatant injustice".. . Читать полностью -->

Ronaldinho would like to move to Manchester United

Ronaldinho would like to move to Manchester UnitedThe Brazilian Ronaldinho said that would gladly moved from PSG in English "Manchester United". As it turned out, the champion of England appealed to the French to sell the world champion, but Parisians rejected that request. Nevertheless, Ronaldinho sure that the issue is still not solved, according to soccerage.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Indoor soccer. The Championship Of Russia. 1/2 final. The second match"Spartak" (Moscow) - TSH-Java (Yugorsk) - 0:2 (0:2)goals: Panko, 3. Kobzar, net in the series: 1-1 (first match 5:2)"VIZ-Sinara" (Ekaterinburg) - "ITERA" (Novy Urengoy) - 3:Holy: Prudnikov 26, Shayakhmetov 34, Agafonov 39 - Cernik et in series - 2:0.. . Читать полностью -->

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