Kean believes that Manchester United need to strengthen

Kean believes that Manchester United need to strengthenThe captain of Manchester United's Roy Keane was offered the head coach of his team Alex Ferguson to strengthen the squad before the Champions League next year. The Irishman is confident that you must purchase new players to contend with teams like real Madrid. Note that in his memoirs Keane criticized the leadership of the DOJ for "complacent" after winning the Champions League final over Bayern in 1999, according to soccerage.. . . . Читать полностью -->

The English Premier League. Premier League

The English Premier League. Premier LeagueFulham - Blackburn Rovers FC" - 0:4 (0:2)goals: Dunn, 36 - penalty. Hakan Sukur, 42, 54. Duff, 52.Warning: Neil, 12. Shorts, 38. Tugay, 66 (Blackburn). Читать полностью -->

Ancelotti about the match Milan - inter

Ancelotti about the match Milan - interThe head coach of the Italian "Milan" Carlo Ancelotti was pleased with the play of his team in the first semi-final Champions League match against inter, which ended in a 0-0 draw. "We had a good fight and kept the game in their hands for 90 minutes. We deserved a goal, but such a result is considered good. Everything will be decided in the second match. I want to congratulate Cooper. He forced us to rebuild his game".. Читать полностью -->

Egor Titov and Andrey Tikhonov back together?

Egor Titov and Andrey Tikhonov back together?Spartak Moscow, who drew winter view of Brazil, do not intend to stop there. Soon red-white is ready to make an offer to the beginner "Wings of the Soviets" de Souza, and for him to lease Yegor Titov.Everyone knows the long-standing desire Yegor to act as a team with his friend Tikhonov. Now it looks like never close to implementation. Moreover, Titov already shaved her head, remembering that it is similar hairstyle brought Tikhonov luck.. . . Читать полностью -->

The championship - it's not cheap

The championship - it's not cheapPortugal has invested approximately 4.3 billion dollars in the preparation of the European football championship, which will be held in the country next year. Thanks to these investments, stadiums ten of the eighteen first division clubs will be repaired, reconstructed or rebuilt. Investments are also aimed at improving the country's transport system.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Riquelme hopes that next season will be better

Riquelme hopes that next season will be betterEpic one of the best players of the Argentine football Juan Roman Riquelme in the Spanish 'Barcelona' was crowned with thorns.First, the player has spoiled a lot of nerves until moved to the Catalan club, and secondly 'blue garnet' was headed by Louis van Gaal, coaching concept which football Outlook Juan Novel does not fit.However, midfielder welcomed their first year of playing for the Spanish team, noting that was very well accepted by all the players. Of course, Riquelme regrets that the team failed to win nothing serious, but he is confident that the big wins will come.'I am fully aware of what it means to play in a great club, to be loved and respected as partners and incadea. It would be nice if 'Leopard' won anything serious, however, the team did not play well and was not able to achieve a lot, " said the player. Riquelme recognizes that adaptation he did not run smoothly, there were UPS and downs, but overall he is very pleased with what was achieved in the individual plan.. . . Читать полностью -->

Lazio took the Mendieta is Mutu

Lazio took the Mendieta is MutuGeneral Director of "Lazio" Luca Baraldi announced that the club returned the Spaniard gaiska Mendieta, according to soccerage. This means that Lazio actually refused to buy Romanian Adrian Mutu, the speaker in "Parma". Mendieta last season held in Barcelona on loan. "At the moment we can't afford such a purchase. However, the situation may change if we find a buyer for the Mendieta," said Baraldi. The team remain Stefano Fiore and Diego Simeone, who actively courted the Juventus and Atletico Madrid.. Читать полностью -->

Match Albania - Russia TV show again

Match Albania - Russia TV show againIn the coming days, the TV will again show broadcast qualifying match of EURO 2004 Albania - Russia, held in Shkodra on March 29. The fact is that after Saturday's show in Ostankino inundated with calls frustrated football fans. Their resentment was due not only distressing for Russia the result of the meeting, but also with claims on the broadcast, although it was in the record, the game was repeatedly interrupted by advertising. In particular, the next video is "covered" the third goal of the Albanians, which the viewers could only see in the replay.The guide channel which is broadcasting the matches of the national team of Russia, recognized the validity of the claims of the fans and has decided to repeat the broadcast of the match without the bills associated with advertising.. . . Читать полностью -->

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