Spain. Tour

Spain. TourLosing to Deportivo, more recently, the lead in the championship "real Sociedad" Dmitry Khokhlov and Valery Karpin inferior to the Galicians second line."Athletic wins a 1000-th victory in the first division. This top submits Basque only at the second attempt: in the last round they lost "Celta"."AtlГtico can't score a goal in the third match in a row. For a hundred years they scored less than 38 goals in 28 games in just seven seasons. Identical to the present result was in season 99/2000 when they left the first division."Mallorca and Osasuna" can't win in the sixth game in a row.Fans of "racing", still dissatisfied with the advent of the post of the President of the eccentric Ukrainian citizen with an American passport Dmitry Peterman, throwing a rally demanding his resignation: a few thousand spectators are holding a homemade red cards. However, this demarche not taken in time: after a series of four defeats team Peterman personally coached, wins."Malaga" wins only a second away victory in the championship..

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