Russian referees now will not disqualify

Russian referees now will not disqualifyYesterday at the meeting of the Expert jury of College football arbitrators considered the request of "Dynamo", "torpedo" and "Locomotive" to officiate at matches of the 15th round of the Russian championship.The ESC agreed that the referee "Dynamo" - "Saturn" Yuri Baskakov for 5 minutes, appointed unjustified 11-metre gate Dynamo and erroneously awarded a free-kick for the demolition hitter blue and white Dmitry Bulykin dangerously close to the gate in the first minutes of the meeting, and the referee of the match, "torpedo" - "wings of the Soviets" Nikolay Ivanov made a mistake, not assigning a penalty to the visitors ' goal in the 82nd minute for the demolition of Maxim Aristarkhova and showing the striker a yellow card for simulation. As for judging Alexandr Evstigneev in the Rubin - "Lokomotiv", then, according to the Commission, before the video does not allow to draw a conclusion about the wrongness of an arbitrator in an episode of the appointment of a penalty in the visitors ' goal in the 45th minute.Yesterday at a General meeting of the presidents of the clubs in the Premier was unanimously granted CFA abolish the disqualification of arbitrators for past failures - except in cases of egregious errors or bias. The alternative to this would be the separation of the judiciary into three groups. The presidents approved this separation, along with a list of assignments for the match of the 2nd round of the championship of Russia, presents the FAC.In accordance with changes in the Code of the arbitrator, which were approved by the Board of the CFA, Yuri Baskakov and Nikolai Ivanov strictly warned, deprived of half of the fee for reporting matches and transferred from the 1st group to the 2nd, which will automatically entail a reduction in the number of appointments of matches, the correspondent "SE" Pavel DEMESCHIK..

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