Porto - Lazio: after the match

Porto - Lazio: after the matchDespite a landslide victory in the first semi-final match of the UEFA Cup over Lazio 4:1 Porto coach josГ Mourinho advised his players not to get too carried away by the celebration of success."This game means nothing if we don't qualify for the finals, " said Mourinho after the match. "I asked the players to calm down, because this game is only half the way to the final. We will spend another 90 minutes against a great team, which today no luck, but maybe the story in the next match. We will prepare for heavy game. In front of their fans Lazio can play very well."In turn, the Romans coach Roberto Mancini told reporters following: "When you lose with this account, you find yourself in a very difficult situation. We need to analyze the error. In the second leg before the task will be daunting. Don't know that today was not so. The team was in good shape, so I think today's result is entirely due to "Porto". For the first time in the season we had to play the team that beat us outright. After the first goal we were unable to do anything to stop "Porto". Obviously, before the Portuguese team is our task much easier. But there is another game, and Lazio will do everything possible to reach the final"..

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