Antic is aiming high

Antic is aiming highThe work of Radomir Antic in Barcelona can be called anything but boring. Replacing head coach Louis van Gaal, he solves a difficult problem. Restoring the former glory of the Catalans, in fact, failed season in the Spanish example, the antic is also leading the team in the decisive matches of the UEFA Champions League.On the eve of the Turin quarterfinals with Juventus asked a few Antic вопросов when I Started working in Barcelona, you started with a clean slate, re-building the team , or has step-by conversion?Radomir antic: I never negate the efforts of his predecessors. I guess it's a matter of decency and tact. Respecting the work of others before me coach, I can't judge about its results. Rather, I even continue at Barcelona his case, of course, using the experience of van Gaal. I have no right to act по-другому What was your motivation - you have come to the club, where there were excellent players, experiencing not the best times in the national championship?R. A.: Motivation is a part of your everyday life. Everyone should burn their work and to give her all the power. I am very worried about my team, but you will never read these on my emotions лице You are an adherent of any particular tactics and impose it to your players, or you can be called flexible strategist?R. A.: the choice of tactics depends very much. You will not find any encyclopedic definitions of good or bad tactic. Today, the most popular arrangement of 4-4-2, some use the 3-5-2, but all this can and must be changed during the match. Personally, I like attacking football, I think the same feel sympathy and my players. God has not given me a set formula that I could drive into the heads of players. We are prepared individually for each match, considering the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents. I believe that the defense of four people - a good solution for Barcelona, as it is a lack of experienced players. The same amount of players should be enough in midfield and in attack is usually enough attacking Duo. However, this is only a theory - in practice, every player must be very active and help your партнерам How long did you let the players on the introduction and acceptance of your coaching concept?R. A.: It is impossible to determine. We have to consider too many factors, but chief among them is the professionalism of the whole team. I think that today in Barcelona have created a fertile environment of mutual respect. Players quickly took me and understand my style of work. I demand a lot, especially in training. I want to see my players serious attitude, engagement, and mobility. However, I'm no stranger sense of humor, which can simplify the most complex задачи would You sacrifice success in the Champions League for the restoration of the former positions Barca in the championship of Spain? Would you put up with lackluster performances of the team in "example", continue the great play in Europe?R. A.: Honestly, UEFA Champions League attracts me much more. This is an elite club competition, and to be on the top of European football is a special honour. Let's assess the prospects for Barcelona this season. The League is the only tournament in which we can achieve considerable success. Yeah, sounds a bit contradictory, because unnatural, when you win to win over a top European clubs, but desperately and often unsuccessfully struggling at home. My main goal is to lead the team to victory in the Champions League, but at the same time, we are not going to forget about the restoration of power in "example"..

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