Titov encourages partners to rely only on themselves

Titov encourages partners to rely only on themselvesThe captain of Spartak Egor Titov hard going through a crisis that has befallen his team. What many predicted what he was afraid of coaches, players and fans of "Spartacus" happened ? the start of the championship failed.? Many people ask me: what is the way out? ? starts a conversation Titov. ? Do not answer "don't know", if only banality: to correct the situation can only be ourselves. The other day on base in Tarasovka the priest came: consecrated the building out on the field - otherworldly forces averted. In my memory it happens not for the first time. I consider myself a believer, but under the circumstances, I repeat, everything depends on us.? But reasons for optimism you still lack? But there are historical Parallels. Remember 95th year, when injuries the floor-bases out of action. Losses, draws at the start, and in the young boys ? Andrey Konovalov, Sasha Sticky, I among them. Gradually, the game is normal, and in the summer the team was strengthened by experienced players. Let that season we got only bronze (a little bit not enough to "Spartak-Alania" and "Loco"!), the fans were treated successfully and vividly passed stage of the Champions League.? Agree, the current team also would not hurt personnel strengthening.? Obviously, you need experienced people. Especially on the eve of the UEFA Cup where we will sell it, and tarnished reputation for last year's Champions League have to restore. The youth? I have respect to our reserves (to take the same Alexei Rebko, which debuted at Spartak in 16 years!), but we were more ambitious, proud, or something. I remember in the old days on the bench in Spartak and great sat. However, these guys in terms of weaker competition as it is not allocated.? Fail if they are this team?? With young not such a big demand, as with the main players. However, I understand the frustration these guys: they are working, working hard, but sometimes losing the competition to those who - late fees.? You are about Kebe, once again detained in Senegal?? Exactly. I know that Oleg Ivanovich spoke with him and the club. Under threat of transfer to reserves has promised to reform, fines were subjected to, but apparently, kГbГ absolutely nothing is working. He is only one member of Spartak, but his absence affects's understanding of the whole team. ? Around the leaves, before the beginning of the period transfers to expect significant improvements.? We have eight games to enable "full" all its internal reserves to clench into a fist. Ahead Of "Saturn", "Rotor" ? need to win. Remember the match against torpedo ? we do actually looked better than the opponent, you just have to show more character.? As reflected on you and your partners untwist the financial scandals of "Spartacus"?? Every day we read Newspapers, watch TV and of course in the loop. How to treat this? Yes in any way. These stories are us, the players, absolutely no concern.Sergei Babintsev, Andrew Bodrov.

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