Vicente del Bosque: In any other team Guti would be indispensable

Vicente del Bosque: In any other team Guti would be indispensableAs you know, the coach has a very hard when he has to deal with the stars or superstars. Because they have special needs and whims. However, head coach of real Madrid's Vicente del Bosque may be considered an exception to the rule. Vicente is the embodiment of calmness and composure, but his aura acts very favorably to all players without exception.In addition, the mentor of the "Royal club" is still desirable and interesting to talk to, what could convince the Spanish "Marca".- You've got a great week... Yes, indeed, it was perfect. But we still got a lot of games and all of them should be held at a level to be able, for example, become the Champions of Spain. It is too early to rejoice.- You did a service "Barcelona", isn't it?- Yes, but we are too. Defeating Sevilla, we gave her a chance to fight for a place in the UEFA Cup. The service is mutual.- If you glance at the calendar, it is quite acceptable for You. You accept Mallorca, then meet with Recreativo, and after taking "Malaga"... I don't agree that for us these games will be easy. See how deal with "Depor" "Mallorca". Look at the results shows "leisure studies". So it won't be easy.- After 45 years, You again have the opportunity to make a double. Is it possible You?- I find it very difficult. It may happen that we instead reserve team won't win anything. One thing is clear: we have reached these heights, and this will benefit the club and the team.- What happened to Flavio? Why misses?- I admire Flavio and I can say that he is one of the main protagonists of what we have achieved. This applies to both League and Champions League.- And why does he not among 11-and?- This is due to tactical ideas. You see, in the absence of Raul, we need a little longer to hold the ball, and McManaman is perfectly suited for that, interacting perfectly with Zidane and Guti.- You want to say that the absence of Raul caused it?- There are details that knows the names of the people who work directly with the team. And I want to say that I expect all the players that I have. And it is regrettable that it is not always possible to put in all the "basis". - What is the role in the club Guti?- That which is necessary in the fight for the highest places. We really appreciate, and with me during these four years, he played 70 or 80% of the matches. That says it all.- Then why isn't he has a solid place in the first team?- He has all the prerequisites for this. But the thing is that in "real" so much competition. He always had to struggle with great players. But in any other team Guti would be indispensable.- It seems that in the absence of Raul Zidane plays as a striker... I wouldn't say that. Let's not dwell on the position of Zidane. With Raul or without Zizou remains a great player. You are already thinking about Juventus? Because Juventus the lead in the Serie A. And are You committed to the semi-finals already?- Juventus are a great team. She's already secured the title, and now concentrate on the Champions League.- How about you upgrade Your contract with the club? This is a very minor issue and I would not want to talk about it..

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