Igor Semshov: In the field about the birthday forget

Igor Semshov: In the field about the birthday forgetThe birthday boy was standing in a dense ring of excited fans, clutching a bouquet of carnations and a gift - a huge plush cow black and white colouring. Answered questions quietly, in monosyllables, as if apologizing for not the best game "torpedo" in the match with the team, someone classified as outsiders, but not wishing to confirm the unenviable status of a willingness to give away points. Gifts, however, Igor on this day were wearing royally impressive crimson-purple lump over his right eye, pain in the legs - the result of increased interest defenders and a yellow card from Kaluga judges Vlasov, whose interpretation of the simulation with samlowski, as it turned out, strongly disagree.- Yeah I never asked for his penalty! - Semshov was annoyed. - There was no violation, just don't stay on his feet. Again the referee gives a yellow for anything. A year ago, with the "Uralanom" when I unceremoniously pushed out from the wall, tried to draw his attention to what is happening and got a warning.- I wonder what was your dialogue with the judge this time?- Told him something to the press. How could I help it? There are yellow cards in the case, but today we are literally surrounded by them in the first half. Yes, the 11-meter appointed, although the foul was outside the penalty area.- Is it true that to be in a birthday - not a good omen at the players? If there is one, it will not affect me. Usually all goes well. Two years ago, beat CSKA Moscow - 1:0. Last season he scored in Vladikavkaz. Sorry, missed the victory in the last minute.- In those days, a special mood?- Rather no, than Yes. The mood in all of the matches are the same. When you come on forget about the holiday.- Last year's game in the second round you fans accustomed to good emotions. What happened now? Why the team can't win?- There is no panic. Take, for example, today's match: we had all the possibilities - 'd talked with you now with a completely different attitude. Create some points it is enough, by scoring opponent much exceeded. In addition, the championship has barely begun. Let's wait with estimates at least until the summer.- In the second half, you come out of the shock position, but instead of hitting threw the ball back to the expanding universe. Not sorry missed the moment?- Sorry that is not shot himself. But I would like to play for sure - after all, lost.- After the break you on a couple of Kormiltsev than once unsuccessfully tried to play the ball to the faithful in full of free players. Improvise?- There is such a "disease". We have enough players who small game understand and accept. Maybe sometimes extreme.- The impression that the Novorossiysk superrigid acted against you.- I don't think. Now everyone is playing tight: breathing in the back, not allowed to unfold. Approaching the European level.- However, on the face over what is memory left.- This probably should watch the judge. And evaluate such violations accordingly.- The foul was intentional?- I hope not. But with whom I met, still do not know. Like was first on the ball and then kick. Did not understand.- How big is the difference in the game "torpedo" with you and without you, could be seen in the recent League Cup fixture against Dynamo, when you came off the bench after the break. It's hard to be a leader?- Leader? Would call it differently-I'm one of the players who hopes the club. But one is not a warrior. In whatever shape you are, it is impossible to do anything without partners.- You are one of the few in Russian football, who got a personal website on the Internet - www.semshov.ru. Who came up with this idea?- It was my decision. When you sit at the base, often traveling around the world wide web browsing torpedolike website, sports newspaper. Wandered once accidentally on a personal page Kakha Kaladze. I wanted the same, and the guys from the site torpedo.ru helped to realize the desire.- The site is an element of promotion in the Western manner. Ready to depart for the border? In the near future. About promotion't think. Just seeing me fans, I wanted to be close to them. They all the time tend to know about me something new. Maybe reviews write what is good or bad...- a Cow will give year-old daughter Vika?- 'll see. Still, the prize from the fans, which is very dear to me. Better to let this beast will be the mascot of our club.Pavel DEMESCHIK.

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