Spikelets compared defeat in Georgia with games 2002 world Cup

Spikelets compared defeat in Georgia with games 2002 world CupAfter the match the mood in the camps two teams met was diametrically opposite.Vyacheslav Koloskov, the President of the RFU:? It's a shame? That's an understatement. I have such a bitter condition was not long ago. Years, probably, ten - of Course, the world Cup in Japan was just the same. But then we played in the final round, but here in the qualifying tournament playable, it is Doubly hard due to the fact that the match took place on the eve of Victory Day. I take this Holy feast and I think that the week before so glorious date we had no right to play. We will understand...? What can you say about the Georgian national team?? I am a well-organized team have not seen. Georgians together defended, attacked together, demonstrating modern football Plus individual skill historically in football, Georgia is very high. It was evident that at each position the player masters stronger than his Russian opponent. Win Georgia, I think it is quite natural. A team of Shusaku played just fine.? Any questions on the organization of the match left?? No questions! We are after all, 12 October by and large special claims to the Georgian side was not. Then with the light had problems. But it happens at other stadiums. Plus a handful of hooligans who threw the bus stones. Again, this could happen anywhere. Including in Russia-Ivo Susak, acting head coach of the national team of Georgia? Expect my players will fight, not sparing himself. But at first could not even assume that everything is going so well. Confidence came during the match. Then, when I saw how friendly, rallied and strong in spirit our team. Certainly, the victory over the Russians ? one of the happiest moments in my life. Am sure the same can be said of all the Georgian football fans.? Asatiani in this League played for Lokomotiv Moscow less than half an hour. What gave you the idea to put it into the main squad?? Apparently, I know Asatiani better than the coach of Lokomotiv. I believe that the club is making a big mistake by not trusting him a place in the starting lineup.? Why Arveladze was not even in stock?? I assigned it a place among the substitutes and was going to include in the application for the match. Shota, knowing this, has not appeared in the morning before the game with the national team. That is, voluntarily left the team.? Team Russia was hardly stronger than in the match against Albanian? I carefully watched the videos of the games of the Russian team, including team against Albania. Naturally, saw the weaknesses of the Russians. But we tried to build the game on your own trumps, and not on the errors of the opponent..

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