Smertin is deprived of a better partner

Smertin is deprived of a better partnerStriker Bordeaux Pauleta has declared that he will leave the team during the summer transfer window. According to the Portuguese, his ambition involve much more than a participation in the UEFA Cup. Therefore, despite the love for the club and the fans, all parties will be better if he goes to another club.That its services are interested in many teams, no doubt. In France a claim on him two powerhouse Lyon and Marseille. But the variant that the striker will travel to Portugal, where his welcome Benfica and Porto, according to Soccerage.If Bordeaux is no way to keep the Paulette, it will be possible to state that Alexei Smertin will lose one of the best partners I've never heard of this season was the second scorer of the French League, scoring 23 of 57 goals for his team..

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