Riquelme hopes that next season will be better

Riquelme hopes that next season will be betterEpic one of the best players of the Argentine football Juan Roman Riquelme in the Spanish 'Barcelona' was crowned with thorns.First, the player has spoiled a lot of nerves until moved to the Catalan club, and secondly 'blue garnet' was headed by Louis van Gaal, coaching concept which football Outlook Juan Novel does not fit.However, midfielder welcomed their first year of playing for the Spanish team, noting that was very well accepted by all the players. Of course, Riquelme regrets that the team failed to win nothing serious, but he is confident that the big wins will come.'I am fully aware of what it means to play in a great club, to be loved and respected as partners and incadea. It would be nice if 'Leopard' won anything serious, however, the team did not play well and was not able to achieve a lot, " said the player. Riquelme recognizes that adaptation he did not run smoothly, there were UPS and downs, but overall he is very pleased with what was achieved in the individual plan..

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