Chornomorets vs Zenit: analysis of the match

Chornomorets vs Zenit: analysis of the matchNovorossiysk Chornomorets won the first victory in the championship. The decisive goal in the 90th minute spent a rookie Evgeny Varlamov.Zenit wanted to make amends for the failure in the previous home game with FC Rostov, Novorossiysk was eager to please his fans first victory in the championship, but was faced with a personnel problem. "Did not manage to collect the optimal structure is the one that was playing at the training camp," coach "Chernomorets" Igor Gamula. One leading player gets injured, then the other. Not very healthy Ivanov, Mayorov, presecco. But it's the key players of our team. On the sachet presedo whole middle line is kept. Equal to him in this plan no.However, the wards gamely could have opened the scoring as early as the 2nd minute. Kamoltsev right has made the verified transmission to the 11-meter mark, Terekhin hit from the summer, but Malafeev was able to turn the ball away for a corner. Second true scoring chances the home side missed out on 19 minutes. The defenders of "Zenit" decided that Terekhin is out of the game, stopped attacker "Chernomorets" he was eye to eye with Malafeev, but confused and hit the ball at the goalkeeper. The field is getting hotter. The head coach of the St. Petersburg team Vlastimil the former resets the jacket from his shoulders and remained in the red shirt with short sleeves.During the break amongst the fans was speaking: will there be enough players Chornomorets strength to withstand proposed their own pace until the end of the meeting? Enough, and even with a vengeance. Although the first ten minutes of the second half, Zenit looked good and even pinned the home side to the gate. But the ending is left for the owners. Helpers of Petrzela already loudly shouted from the bench, showing the referee on the clock ? stir in the camp of the St. Petersburg players was incredible.I've got added time. There has not lost his nerve at Vjestica. He hand stops the ball just metres from the line of the penalty area. All the audience noticed it, except, as it turned out, head coach of Zenit. Free ? to the gate of the twenty-five meters. Garin rolls the ball Varlamov, should a powerful shot, and the ball flies into the bottom corner.Annoyed Zenit break the rules again. Vjestica roughly knocks rushing to attack a Circassian. To the scene rush the players of both teams and start a small skirmish at the edge. Alone Robson remained in the center of the field. Waving his arms, as a professional conductor, he began to encourage the audience to celebrate the first victory of FC Chornomorets in the championship.Chernomorets (Moscow) - Zenit (Saint-Petersburg) - 1:0 (0:0).Goal: Varlamov, 90.Chernomorets: Levitsky - 6,5, Techwise - 6,0, Varlamov is 6.5, Cherkes - 6,0, Gordeuk - 6,0, Ivanov - 6,0, Mayorov (K) - 5,5 (Robson, 46 - 5,5), Ayupov - 6,0, Fabio - 5,5 (Garin, 71 - 5,5), kamoltsev - 6,0, Terekhin - 6,5 (Piuk, 77 - 5,5).Zenit: Malafeev - 6,0, Horak - 5,5, Hovsepian - 5,5, Spivak (K) - 5,5, mareЕЎ - 5,0, Shirl - 5,0, Arshavin - 5,0 (Randjelovic, 84 - b/o), Kerzhakov is 5.5, Hartig - 5,0 (Osipov, 70 - 5,0), Vjestica - 5,0, Konoplev to 6.0.Player of the match: Oleg Terekhin (Chornomorets).Punishment: Levitsky, 16 - unsportsmanlike conduct, Ivanov, 21 - rough play, hemp, 33 rough game, Robson, 78 rough game, Vjestica, 88 - unsportsmanlike conduct, Osipov, 90 - rough play, Piuk, 90 - unsporting behaviour - warnings.Referees: S. Martynov, A. Monks, V. Kulagin (all Moscow).Inspector A. Cand (Moscow).12 April. Novorossiysk. Central stadium. Clearly. 15 degrees. a total of 12,500 spectators. Ticket price - 70?200 rubles. Play time: 96.00 (1st half: 47.00 2nd half: 49.00).Shots on goal: 15-12 of them on target: 9-7, free from: 9-5, for free: 6-7, rod: 0-0, beam: 0-0, corner: 7-5, offsides: 1-7, fouls: 20-24.The doubles match: 1:1 (Garin - Makarov)..

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