George Antonian: Gifts - only Giner

George Antonian: Gifts - only GinerCSKA President Yevgeny Giner - a good friend of the Vice-President of FC Chornomorets George antoniana. Not coincidentally arrived in Novorossiysk Varlamov and Piuk as the year before Garin and Filippenkov. Army Diaspora Chornomorets high, and is unlikely to decline - a partnership with the Moscow club Antonian intends to develop. While Chornomorets is the younger brother of CSKA, partner, not claiming to be the real competitor in the race for the League of the Russian championship. But it just yet. In the future, Antonian wants to be first.- When I stated this at a recent meeting of the presidents, all smiled. A joke, they say, tells about his plans Vice President of southerners. - And this is no joke. This is a worthy goal worth striving for. I do not call it a date when Chornomorets will threaten for the title.Antonian - ambitious people. Sometimes even too much. With such a colorful head cannot work in a slipshod manner. Valery Bushel, who served as head coach of FC Chornomorets in February - March, suffered for being too mundane tasks. And for not loving Brazilians, which it is in focus, that is, did not notice. Although money countrymen Pele club spent.- I'm not interested survive. The Governor, who became President of our club, vanity saving near the 14th place of emotions is not a cause, says Antonian, revealing the mystery of the resignation of the Quadrangle (by the way, and he arrived in the Krasnodar region from CSKA). - You can not finish first or third, but to set yourself up for the battle for prizes must.If Antonian whether Chornomorets at the finish to take that place, which is now, is a mystery. To solve it we can do. Even the person who is trying to change not only their employees, but for all Russian football. Active Armenian, created in Tsemesskaya Bay solid company (alone YIT last year the cost of serious football), not lost in the company of leaders of the Premier League clubs. Along with German Tkachenko he is the most active participant of the General meeting of the presidents of the Premier League. Recently, Antonian initiated limit the uncontrolled growth of the salaries of the players.- Colleagues have supported me. Stars - Titov, Tikhonov, Loskov who scraped up, stand out, you can pay more. Their contracts are negotiable. But the earnings of the average Premier League player is to limit the scope of the maximum and the minimum. Package agreement yet, but a verbal agreement exists. I was supported by all. There is an understanding that it is time to take decisive steps towards the creation of a civilized market of the labour force. Otherwise, on the football chaos, akin to hockey and partly basketball. Today, there's not even a germ of business. I was interested in the problem specifically - players regularly raise the bar of their requests, and the clubs don't have the ability to reason. Slightly wrong, the athlete goes to someone who will give more. This transfer amount in hockey - 15 thousand. Although the season the player has received ten times more. Refund of corporate laws in General is not provided. Who will invest money if there are no clear rules?!Antonian. He is a businessman. Absolutely Russian, although the birthplace of his ancestors - Armenia. Russian traditions "Chernomorets" he also honors the sacred. Colleagues on the banks of the Tsemesskaya Bay always welcome gifts and luxury meet. In recognition of antoniana, Giner he prepared a souvenir. Some did not specify, but warned that to get hold of the Black sea points to the championship leader will not be easy.The city-hero, the legendary little Land - a place where the favorites do not favor. CSKA knows about it, and after the failure in the game with Rostov CSKA will certainly make every effort to Saturday defeat all considered an unfortunate misfire. But in the port city where people live proud, much seen in my life, to scare someone formidable plans difficult. The only thing that partly alarming southerners, officiating. Too are harping on this theme now, at the start of the championship.- I don't like that in our football is so much talk about the judges. This is wrong. I prefer to be silent when you make a mistake in favor of the opponents. If no bias is just life. In Samara we scored one goal more than reflected in the final minutes of the match.

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