Del Piero about yourself, Berlusconi, River and much more

Del Piero about yourself, Berlusconi, River and much moreThere are players who are always complaining about something, and no matter whether for that reason or not. Alessandro Del Piero just does not fit into this category of people. Never complaining captain of Juventus, is known for his modesty and quiet, this time, however, chose to speak out. He did it as always with his inherent nobility and decency. The first thing Alex spoke, it is, of course, about last Saturday at the Turin Derby."All had some kind of nervous, which is understandable, but, in my opinion, some went a little overboard. The players played hard, too. Be that as it may, the important thing is we won, we need three points, bringing pleasure, both ourselves and our fans. To me the most important is the fact that I entered the field from the start of the match," said the player.Del Piero could not avoid and the concern at the moment all in the world - the war in Iraq. He strongly criticized the policy pursued by the President of the United States of America George W. Bush and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who supported military action in Iraq."It is impossible to resort to arms to resolve purely economic problems. Berlusconi said that this is a purely diplomatic move? After the collapse of the Roman Empire, Italy has become an arena for conquest, and, since that time, we always had to be very 'diplomatic'," said Alex.Be that as it may, from military Affairs star Turin club has moved on to football. Still haunted by the player is the fact that during the world Cup 2002 trainer of the national team of Italy Giovanni Trapattoni did not include it in the first team."During the last world Cup I have often asked myself why Trapattoni didn't include me in the lineup. There were moments when I felt as if my shoulders lies a huge load. But I always felt that I appreciate and respect. Doping? In Italy are working very superficial, especially doping committees that are in Rome. As for the former Roma coach Zdenek Zeman, who accused the players of Juventus in the use of doping, he did it just to add fuel to the fire, because in those years the "old lady" spoke much good," said the captain, "black and white".A few words of Alessandro Del Piero and said about the star of Italian football, the former striker Milan Gianni Rivera, with whom, by the way, Alex is often compared."I, of course, flattered by the fact that I compare with Rivera, but, in his latest interview, he disappointed me. It always seemed to me that he says it all with skill and understanding of the situation, but his last interview proved the opposite. How could he say, for example, that the impartial arbitrators to Juventus?".Nearing the quarter-final of the Champions League game against Barcelona, and Alex on this occasion said: "unfortunately, injuries Nedved and Trezeguet largely complicate our task. We just will need the support of our "high school football fans at the stadium. The match is very important for us, so I'm asking all our fans not fail us. Everyone is welcome at "Stadio Delle Alpi"..

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