Zenit suffered their first defeat in Novorossiysk

Zenit suffered their first defeat in NovorossiyskZenit St Petersburg came to Novorossiysk in the rank of one of the leaders of the championship. The team from the banks of the Neva, never injured a single defeat was during this time literally caressed by the media. However, "Chernomorets", which has taken for this match in the middle of the table, also has not lost, completing all three meetings in a draw. This has fueled interest in the match - points were necessary as air to both teams. The hosts started very quickly - in the second minute of the match after hitting Terekhina the "Zenit" goalkeeper demonstrated the wonders of the reaction, saving the team from the true goal ."Chernomorets" to the limit saturated defensive positions in midfield and full-backs - Cherkes and Tchoice hands tied Arshavin and Shirla, not allowing guests to use proprietary high-speed the flanking aisles. In the end, in the first half of the match "Zenit" was forced to fight back only. Quick counterattacks collapsed on the flanks, and passes through the center easy to read players "Chernomorets", which, if any loss of the ball the whole team is rapidly retreated. In the 21st minute active Terekhin went one on one with Malafeev, but beat the goalkeeper failed. After Ayupov dangerous takes the corner, but after hitting Varlamov the ball was knocked back. "Zenit", came out on the game with three players in attack, nothing was able to create the gate Levitsky. Permanent canopies did not create problems for tall defenders "Chernomorets", and the goalkeeper played extremely well. Does not remember the Russian national team forward Kerzhakov and Arshavin failed to beat their opponent on the wing. Until the end of time "Chernomorets" had another chance to score, but after hitting the Brazilian Costa was again saved by Malafeev.The beginning of the second half of the game was for Zenit. On 47 minutes made a mistake with his penalty Varlamov, but Konoplev, possession of the ball, failed to give an accurate pass to Kerzhakov. In the first minutes of the second half of the game against Chornomorets went wrong. The team continued to attack, but dangerous moments at the gate Malafeev is not reached. However, Zenit frankly played in a draw, without risking to go forward in numbers. On the 69th minute kamoltsev beautifully struck volley, but the ball hit the Malafeev. Toward the end of the match, the visitors, the whole team stepped back and Chornomorets went on to play with three forwards. However, left on the field Garin and Piuk special not impressed. The first game is obviously went wrong, and Piuk, probably not until the end away from the injury. In the last minute of the match "Zenit" had the first match for a chance to be different, but after a dangerous blow to the ball Osipova to centimeters missed the post. Still, the team of Petrzela was not to take away from Novorossiysk point. In stoppage time, referee defender Vjestica hand stopped riding gear, and Varlamov with a free kick sent the ball into the bottom corner of the goal of "Zenit". In the end - heavy victory "Chernomorets".The former (Zenit):I am satisfied with my team, we played well, but at the last minute they scored. This is football. We play their game, but played not like playing at home. A draw would be unhappy.Hamula (Chornomorets):I Think that we had to win. In the first half we should have scored three goals. I think we beat Zenit. We tactically built the game. Cherkes and Tchoice not allowed to play Arshavin and Serlo, players harmoniously acted in defence. We were preparing for the game, knew how to play each other, knew the possibility of "Zenit"..

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