Loss Loco: five points, five players

Loss Loco: five points, five playersOpening fixtures third Russian champion has lost five points. It is this distance which now separates Lokomotiv escaped from losses while CSKA and Dynamo.In principle, supersensitive in such an unimpressive start of railwaymen is not in sight. First, Lokomotiv hard in General tend to gain momentum early in the season (especially since his coaches brought the team to the peak of readiness for February's Champions League matches). And secondly, and Yuri Semin and his team have repeatedly stated even in the winter, well aware that: against the strongest team all competitors will act with renewed energy.However, now the question is: how capable is the "locomotive" to keep a shot to try a new champion? And this question is not rhetorical. Because the team now has to do without five first team players: the injured Obiora, Pimenov and Buznikin, and Ovchinnikov Evseev and serving a suspension. And if the injuries ? eternal factor in football, incontinence of railwaymen, in all probability, is directly connected with while unusual high emotional load that fell on them this season. So rather than completed physical and psychological rehabilitation of the five left out of operation the players of the Team, the more chance of the champion faster to overtake gone ahead of competitors. So today you should pay special attention to the situation of each of these five.James OBIORAH, striker.The reason for the absence of trauma. The Nigerian striker damaged the anterior surface of the thigh. Now he is undergoing treatment in the Netherlands.The time of return. Even if treatment is successful, a full-fledged training of Obiora can start no earlier than eighteen months. So he can play in the summer.Alexander Argusville, the doctor "Locomotive": "sorry, damaged muscle in Obiora worn out. Therefore, to predict how quickly and completely he will be able to recover, now is pointless."Maxim BUZNIKIN, striker.The reason for the absence ? the trauma. In the super Cup match in the collision suffered a strong blow in the lumbar region. A diagnosis ? damage to the vertebra. Underwent treatment in Moscow.The time of return. At the end of last week has already started training. However, in the next match against torpedo, probably still will not play. But in the next championship bout in Vladikavkaz his appearance on the field is likely.Savely Michalow, the doctor "Locomotive": "last season Maxim also had problems with his back. But now his injury was a direct result of the collision in the match with CSKA. Let's hope that he will be able to recover in the near future".Ruslan PIMENOV, striker.The reason for the absence ? the trauma. Last Monday Ruslana in Germany underwent surgery on his knee. He removed the meniscus, and restored the damaged lateral ligament.The time of return. If the restore process will be quickly and safely, then after three weeks Pimenov will be able to start individual training. Well, to play for Lokomotiv he will have the opportunity to about the middle of may.Savely Michalow, the doctor "Locomotive": "Famous German doctor Thomas Froehlich, in the clinic, which is now Pimenov, during five years of cooperation with Lokomotiv identified as a very high class. There is no doubt that after the operation Ruslan will be able to fully recover".Sergei OVCHINNIKOV, the goalkeeper.The reason for the absence ? the disqualification. Emotional incontinence Keeper "Locomotive" and the national team after the match against Zenit was discussed long and detailed. And the FTC's verdict was brief ? five matches disqualification.The time of return. may 9, in the match of the 8th round Ovchinnikov will have the right to re-enter the field as part of their club.Boris Ignatiev, sports Director of "Locomotive": "Sergey will work at maximum capacity in training. His participation in the classroom is beneficial to the atmosphere in the team."Vadim EVSEEV, midfielder.The reason for the absence ? the disqualification. After two respectively yellow and red card in the match against Shinnik Evseev will automatically miss the next game against torpedo.The time of return. Defender of railwaymen still waiting for the CDC meeting, which will consider the report of the inspector of the meeting "Saturn" ? "Locomotive" Vladimir Kuznetsov on the behavior Evseev, who refused to leave the field after presenting him the red card. Theoretically, the period of Ineligibility may be extended to five matches. In this case he will be entitled to enter the field in the "Locomotive" just may 17 away match against Chornomorets.Yuri Semin, head coach of Lokomotiv: "Both warnings in the match against Shinnik were done right. And the actions Evseeva after them ? the result of intemperance".Michael Shpenkov.

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