The views of the players of real Madrid match Barcelona

The views of the players of real Madrid match BarcelonaAfter the game the players of real Madrid didn't really want to talk to the press, as if realizing that they had made a mistake in the match against Barcelona. However, they all believe that nothing terrible has happened, you need to continue to fight for the pieces and prepare for the next games.Ronaldo:Ronaldo has described the game as "beautiful" and "with a lot of dangerous things." The rival Ronaldo acknowledged the "very intelligent". Their actions striker is happy, but the game in General - no, because his team has not won the battle. "We had the opportunity to decide the game, but we didn't. But, in the end, we played with the team from second or third division, and against Barcelona."What happened is what happened, " continued the Brazilian. We continue to be leaders and we will now look at what happens in other fields. This match is already water under the bridge, now we need to change the chip and to think only of the Champions League on Wednesday will be played putty in the semi-final.Makelele:"This draw may be fair, but it is also clear that we had a lot more chances for goals. They played well, with great desire, with great enthusiasm. But this draw does not exclude us from our goal - to win the title. Now we also are the most obvious candidates to win the championship," says French midfielder. - "We need to restore their fighting spirit, we need to be very fresh physically to withstand the pressure that awaits us at "old Trafford".Roberto Carlos:"We spent a very good match, this is true, but nothing special happened, because we continue to be leaders," says defender. - We played very quietly, wanted to be more with the ball, but it was hard to do - Zidane received a lot of shots on the feet, and this created great difficulties".As for the not assigned a penalty, when Roberto Carlos fell into the penalty area, the Brazilian remarked with a smile: "It was one of the best episodes. I am very happy and agree with the referee that he didn't give a penalty or when I fell or fell when Luis Enrique. In case of twms Gabri pushed me, and I predpoll fall."Roberto Carlos wants to turn the page and start preparing for the match against Manchester United: "In Manchester we idtt the game much harder. Manchester United plays very well and have won their last matches for a clear advantage. It will be like a final."Salgado:sotm delete Michel Salgado said the following: "the ILO removal was unjust. Neither of the two violations did not deserve itley cards, especially the latter because it was the first ILO violation of the rules in the second half."We didn't have enough control of the ball, continues Salgado. But the pure scoring chances were ours. This match was not good neither for one nor for the other, although perhaps they looked better because he acted much better than in recent games."Zidane:"this match there were some things that are outside playing football," says Zinedine. Barcelona has created a wide dynamic range and therefore celebrated success, and it was difficult for us. We lost two points, but nothing happened. Banana acted simply sensational and beat the balls who saved his team from defeat. Now you need to relax and think about the game with Manchester United..

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