Romantsev: rivals beat Titova knowing that the judge will not punish them

Romantsev: rivals beat Titova knowing that the judge will not punish themHead coach of 'Spartacus' Oleg Romantsev in an interview to Sport-Express' reported causes many injuries in the team. "I would like to explain the reasons for a sufficiently large number of injuries that have plagued players of "Spartak" almost from the first round of the championship. Say at once: they are in no way associated with the preparation of any of the players for the season or for a particular match. This mechanical damage is the result of the hard martial arts, or, as they say in football, joints.If you remember last season, we can give examples with Parfenov and Titov - with both, as you know, happened on the field that is called accidents. And current injuries most Spartak is similar. By the way, since I mentioned Titova, it is evident that many games are against it not a gentleman. And we often see our captain sprawled on the ground.And it happens for the reason that the players who are not shy in choosing the means in the confrontation with Titov, know: judges them for it will not be punished to the fullest extent of the law. And with the connivance of most teams, who met with Spartak, exactly solve the problem of neutralization Titov. Therefore, in particular, and he is not able to show their best game. However, the Dynamo, judging by our match, this is not the case. I think it's all coming from the coach, if he is a supporter of honest men struggle, and his team play a gentleman," said Romantsev..

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