The first division. A review of the 7th round

The first division. A review of the 7th roundOtkrovenije HAJIYEV, head coach of Anji:(about the comparison of the current team with "Anji"-99): - you Cannot step twice into the same river. Now other people, other circumstances. In the team management and the players there are so many unknown factors that affect their condition is very difficult.Vladimir LEGOIDA, head coach of Kuban":- "Kuban" the task is to reach the Premier League, which means that you should try to win every game. To win Ural helped by the fact that we are at this stage a little higher skill.Pavel GUSEV, the head coach of "Urals": "essentially, I'm in the team one day. Some positions are, of course, require strengthening, but complaining about it doesn't make sense. We will work with those people. In the second half today, as I was told, "Ural" has demonstrated the most impressive play from the beginning of the season.The events of"SKA-Energiya" brings a winning streak away from home to five games (two games on a neutral field Luzhniki) and after two rounds again goes into the sole lead. The team of Oleg Smolyaninov remains the only that knows no defeats in the League.Failed start "Lada" wins the first victory in his field and for the first time in the championship match does not pass."Tom can't win in Togliatti: five meetings Siberians only two ended in a draw (the difference of 1-5)."Spartak" in Astrakhan losing interrupts at a series of 16 matches. Before this last away win team Superbia Isogawa won 8 of last August over the Krasnoyarsk Metalurh (4:0).The most obscure tour since the beginning of the season: 11 games visited 67 300 spectators (average 6118)."Ural" may not be their first win in the championship, nor to score in his field.20-year-old striker "Crystal" Alexander Antipenko after a hat-trick in Izhevsk marked homemade brace against Lokomotiv. Two goals midfielder "Neftekhimik" Andrew Sitchin bring his team from behind to win."Dinamo St. Petersburg" and "Khimki" don't win in the fourth round in a row. Both teams in two home matches never strike their opponents.In the "SKA-Energy" will debut Nigerian defender Luis Parole. The team plays at zero, and the Legionnaire is shown a yellow card.In Saransk is interrupted by a 4-match draw a series of "metallurg-Kuzbass". Novokuznetsk team are unbeaten in their last six games."Baltika is still the worst team in the League: on account of Kaliningrad after four yellow cards in St. Petersburg was 22 yellow cards..

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