The head coach of Dinamo taught a lesson to the team

The head coach of Dinamo taught a lesson to the teamOn the eve of the upcoming Derby against CSKA in the ranks of the Dynamo was no sense of nervousness. As the head coach of the blue and white Viktor Prokopenko in the classroom allowed myself to be distracted from hard work.Not spring cold weather with precipitation changes in the preparation of the Dynamo to the match with CSKA. The team of Viktor Prokopenko was forced to relocate to the pit of rival in complex with artificial fields on the "Gerbil", where she trained all week until Thursday. Now picture this: to end the bilateral game, in which Dynamo's head coach needs to understand all the little things, not to be mistaken with a starting lineup. But suddenly he notices a nearby young army players and sent to them. It turns out that their training in the same field should have started already, and the Dynamo bare captured someone else's time. "Hey, young people!" - loudly greeted Prokopenko. "Hello, Victor Viktor gave", " came the reply from conducting the warm-up of the army. "Well, you can just do?" ? Dynamo coach shows them the exercise stretching. Curiously, all gladly repeated and asked to show anything else. Soon the game at Dynamo ended, and the boys, shaking hands Prokopenko, as if full of energy, flew on the field. Some wanted - victory Dynamo in the next match, forgetting that blue and white play with CSKA. "I love to look at training children"? recognized Victor Prokopenko.? Thus it is necessary to think about the problems of his own team? Yes, they are literally out of the blue. For example, in the middle of training sessions complained of pain in the head Mendy. Measured pressure is normal. Don't even know that could happen, I had to give it a rest.? CSKA in his condition can be beat?? Of course, but make it easy.? How do you think Derby Dinamo - CSKA can be compared with the Ukrainian opposition Dynamo ? Shakhtar?? Based on the situation in the standings, where the commands are located on the first two lines, and the intensity of the struggle, which is always high in our meetings - you can. But if you take the historical background, the analogy still with CSKA, Spartak, as the Dynamo recently can not boast of great achievements.Judging by the recent practice of the team, the squad, changes, and the famous principle of "winning composition do not change" can be violated. To start is to say that three days is hardly trained striker Alberto, before that invariably come-in basis. He has angina and came down with a temperature of 37.5. However, the doctors promised to match to the Brazilian's return to duty.One of the main issues facing Prokopenko, is the dilemma of who to put on the right side of midfield - which brought victory in the last meeting Chesnauskisa or served a sentence of Karamana. Both are now in good shape. "After the win over FC torpedo-metallurg" felt a rush of energy and emotion ? says Deividas ДЌesnauskis, ? but thoughts are constantly occupied with the question: will put on the game with CSKA or not? You can, of course, to get out and off the bench, but to be among the eleven better."It seems that will be released on the basis of Ruslan baltiyev. Kazakh footballer in the last two weeks increased the tempo and quite able to expel from membership of Ivan Vukomanovic. Finally, the third potential change - castling Alberto and dyomkina. Most likely, the Brazilian will be able to go on the bench.Alexander Boyarsky.

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