Igor Shalimov: the Broken Cup for a second time not to glue

Igor Shalimov: the Broken Cup for a second time not to glueThe coaches of "Spartacus" and Uralan share of 14 years. Oleg Romantsev is the honored coach in the Premier League. Igor Shalimov holds only the fifth game in the main. And today, probably the most important. Interview with coach alistina in today's "SE".. . Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Russia. Understudies. Krylya Sovetov - Rostov

The Championship Of Russia. Understudies. Krylya Sovetov - Rostov"Wings Of The Soviets-D" - "Rostov-D" - 1:1 (0:0)Goals: Bulatov, 52 (1:0), Alkhazov, 82 (1:1)"Wings Of The Soviets": Vavilin, Anyukov, Med (Kondrashov, 46), RaЕЎoviД‡, Thorin, Vanyushin, Kudryashov (Bukreev, 46), Bulatov, Korotkov (Petropavlov A Rocket Launcher, 46), Vostrikov (Tarkhanov, 72), Shevchenko."Rostov: Savchenko (Novozhilov, 46), Ngapuna, The Couple (Burmistrov, 46), Morozov (Kornilov, 46), Adam (Faustov, 46), Danzel, Selemenev, Rudakov, Smurov, Chernokozovo (Marchenko, 73), Shkurat (Alkhazov, 54).. . . . Читать полностью -->

Spain. Tour

Spain. TourLosing to Deportivo, more recently, the lead in the championship "real Sociedad" Dmitry Khokhlov and Valery Karpin inferior to the Galicians second line."Athletic wins a 1000-th victory in the first division. This top submits Basque only at the second attempt: in the last round they lost "Celta"."AtlГtico can't score a goal in the third match in a row. For a hundred years they scored less than 38 goals in 28 games in just seven seasons. Identical to the present result was in season 99/2000 when they left the first division."Mallorca and Osasuna" can't win in the sixth game in a row.Fans of "racing", still dissatisfied with the advent of the post of the President of the eccentric Ukrainian citizen with an American passport Dmitry Peterman, throwing a rally demanding his resignation: a few thousand spectators are holding a homemade red cards. However, this demarche not taken in time: after a series of four defeats team Peterman personally coached, wins."Malaga" wins only a second away victory in the championship.. Читать полностью -->

Instead of Morcia in Uralan come Martinez

Instead of Morcia in Uralan come MartinezCandidate for the national team of Uruguay defender Sebastian Marcio left Uralan and returned to Buenos Aires. Elista club will not pose any obstacles, deciding the question of parting with Legionnaire without conflict. Agents Marcio send instead to Kalmykia another of the South American - appearing for the national team of Venezuela striker Martinez. He has already been in the camp of "Uralan" in the winter, in the February training camp.Striker Movsesian in "Uralane" will not be because of the high price player "Saturn".. . . Читать полностью -->

In Torino ready to start in the series In

In Torino ready to start in the series InOutsider Serie a Torino, which occupies the last place in the table, got the fourth coach this season. They became the 44-year-old Giacomo ferry, a former youth team coach "pomegranate". Already the former coach of Juventus Renato Zaccarelli will take the post of General Manager of the club. He led the Torino in February of this year, succeeding Renzo Ulivieri, who has worked four months since the Giancarlo Camolese.One of the strongest clubs in the past Italy this season failed. In the last round of "pomegranate" lost with the score 1:3 "Piacenza", which is their competitor in the struggle for survival. This defeat to Torino became the 17th in the season. Читать полностью -->

Russian referees now will not disqualify

Russian referees now will not disqualifyYesterday at the meeting of the Expert jury of College football arbitrators considered the request of "Dynamo", "torpedo" and "Locomotive" to officiate at matches of the 15th round of the Russian championship.The ESC agreed that the referee "Dynamo" - "Saturn" Yuri Baskakov for 5 minutes, appointed unjustified 11-metre gate Dynamo and erroneously awarded a free-kick for the demolition hitter blue and white Dmitry Bulykin dangerously close to the gate in the first minutes of the meeting, and the referee of the match, "torpedo" - "wings of the Soviets" Nikolay Ivanov made a mistake, not assigning a penalty to the visitors ' goal in the 82nd minute for the demolition of Maxim Aristarkhova and showing the striker a yellow card for simulation. As for judging Alexandr Evstigneev in the Rubin - "Lokomotiv", then, according to the Commission, before the video does not allow to draw a conclusion about the wrongness of an arbitrator in an episode of the appointment of a penalty in the visitors ' goal in the 45th minute.Yesterday at a General meeting of the presidents of the clubs in the Premier was unanimously granted CFA abolish the disqualification of arbitrators for past failures - except in cases of egregious errors or bias. The alternative to this would be the separation of the judiciary into three groups. The presidents approved this separation, along with a list of assignments for the match of the 2nd round of the championship of Russia, presents the FAC.In accordance with changes in the Code of the arbitrator, which were approved by the Board of the CFA, Yuri Baskakov and Nikolai Ivanov strictly warned, deprived of half of the fee for reporting matches and transferred from the 1st group to the 2nd, which will automatically entail a reduction in the number of appointments of matches, the correspondent "SE" Pavel DEMESCHIK.. . . Читать полностью -->

Porto - Lazio: after the match

Porto - Lazio: after the matchDespite a landslide victory in the first semi-final match of the UEFA Cup over Lazio 4:1 Porto coach josГ Mourinho advised his players not to get too carried away by the celebration of success."This game means nothing if we don't qualify for the finals, " said Mourinho after the match. "I asked the players to calm down, because this game is only half the way to the final. We will spend another 90 minutes against a great team, which today no luck, but maybe the story in the next match. We will prepare for heavy game. In front of their fans Lazio can play very well."In turn, the Romans coach Roberto Mancini told reporters following: "When you lose with this account, you find yourself in a very difficult situation. We need to analyze the error. Читать полностью -->

Antic is aiming high

Antic is aiming highThe work of Radomir Antic in Barcelona can be called anything but boring. Replacing head coach Louis van Gaal, he solves a difficult problem. Restoring the former glory of the Catalans, in fact, failed season in the Spanish example, the antic is also leading the team in the decisive matches of the UEFA Champions League.On the eve of the Turin quarterfinals with Juventus uefa.com asked a few Antic РІРѕРїСЂРѕСЃРѕРІ.uefa.com: when I Started working in Barcelona, you started with a clean slate, re-building the team , or has step-by conversion?Radomir antic: I never negate the efforts of his predecessors. I guess it's a matter of decency and tact. Respecting the work of others before me coach, I can't judge about its results. Rather, I even continue at Barcelona his case, of course, using the experience of van Gaal. Читать полностью -->

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